Rome study trip

Dear Annette, Really sorry I cut this close. As you know (because I asked you a month ago) we took a group of students (ranging from 1st-3rd year undergraduates and full-time and part-time MA students), to Rome for the first department/school trip since COVID.

Matthew Nicholls, our Visiting Professor, agreed to show us around most sites & I was the Director.

It was an optional trip, not for any specific module or course credit, but just for those who wanted a chance to flesh out their learning. We flew early on 7 April & returned late on 12 April, so had 4.5 days to see the sites & museums of Rome and one day to see the museum & two sites at Ostia (ancient harbour). Because of Brexit many of the museums & sites now charge even students and archaeologists, so the expenses were a bit higher than expected. See the attached spreadsheet. We would be grateful for £964.15 from the Friends (or as much as they can grant) so we don’t have to go back to the students to ask for them to pay more.

Many thanks for considering this request & of course I’d be very glad to give you further information.

With best wishes & thanks,