Grants awarded

YearWhat£Department or Organisation
2023Towards publication of Book on Reading Old Cemetery250UoR Institute of Education
2023UoR Community Festival500Events
2023Locus Ludi: animation of Dr’s grave to aid involvement and accessibility500Ure Museum
2023Essentials cupboard250Student Support Carrington Building
2023Storybook reading project in Whitley630Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism Ist. of Ed
2023UoR Universal Voices1096University of Reading Music
2023Women’s oars1000RUBC, RUSU
2023Reading Windrush exhibition900Community Relations, Marketing, Communication and Engagement
2023Games for student engagement events250ICMA
2023Accessible display for those with sight loss900Cole Museum of Zoology
2023RUSU Hedgehog Society250Hedgehog Society
2022Coffeecolleague branding150Coffeecolleague
2022Training equipment1000RUSU sub aqua club
2022Poetry & Image community symposium325Eng Lit & others
2022Cafe/shop goods design1500MERL
2022Bee meadow Phase 2900Inst Ed and others
2022Wildlife in Gardens Awards scheme1560Early Environmental Group
2022Boat repair1000Knights sailing (RUSU)
2022Allotment near Park House/Cedars1200Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
2022Garden Furniture500SCR
2021The Dairy Project (choir)750via Prof Hannah Cloke
2021Sarsen stones comic-book printing120Friends/Arch
2021Rowing machine1500Director of Rowing
2021Snakebite pocket guide2000Pharmacy
2021Glass top display cases1512Biological Sciences
2021Biodiversity trail project500UoR Biodiversity Working Group
2021Creating exhibition on everyday life in Reading using ephemera1400Typography & Graphic Communication
2021Models of extinct animals for outreach events & display in Cafe Trilobite750Cole Museum
2021London Rd well-being garden1700Education
2021Sensory Garden and community garden workshops2000Friends of Redlands
2021History of sports booklet500SportsPark/Iain Akhurst
2021Students in schools300Admissions
2021Boat engine2000Sub Aqua Club
2020Student support5000ASEO
2019Welcome to Whiteknights Visitor Guide220Campus Services/Estates
2019People’s Protest 1789-1989 exhibition300Modern Languages
2019Donation station at the MERL800Musuem of English Rural Life
2019Annie’s Box1862Humanities
2019Images of Literature: Creating Department Identity500Eng Lit
2019Great Hall Grand Piano refurbishment460Music at Reading
2019The MERL singers1500Classics/Eng/MERL
2019Big Band Big Lunch 2020800Events, MCE
2019Energy activities for primary/secondary schools660School of the Built Environment
2019Improving the Welcome to London Rd Campus2000Inst of Ed+Campus Services+Maintenance Services+Sch of the Built Environment
2018Tales from the Archive: Reading University’s Wives’ and Women’s Club 1948-2018500University of Reading Women's Club
2018Big Band Lunch 2019800Events
2018Incorporating virtual reality into science outreach and heritage605.50Pharmacy/Chemistry
2018Digital microscope for enhancing biology outreach events880.58School of Biological Sciences
2018A cabinet1250School of Architecture, SBE
2018Heritage Open Days 2018: Extraordinary Women of the MERL and University Collections500MERL
2018Enhancing wildlife on campus750SBS
20183D Printing of objects and buildings from Palmyra an ancient Greco-Roman town, the Ure museum and ancient Greek musical instruments.500Classics & Ure Museum
2018Sub-Aqua Equipment1000RU Sub-Aqua Club
2017Develop a New Area of the Garden150Friends of Harris Garden
2017Trophy cabinet1914RUSU
2017Large wall-print of digital model of ancient Rome for Classics corridor1350Classics
2017Big Band Big Lunch800Events
2017Large Print labels and tactile maps for visually impaired visitors1500University Museums & Special Collections
2017Winckelmann and curiosity in the 18th century gentleman’s study1925Ure Museum
20173D printed DNA Model750Chemistry
2016Office & Kitchen refurbishment1001University Chaplaincy
2016Drum Circle1414Institute of Education
2016MERL Garden4000Museum of English Rural Life
2016Boat trailer1000RUBC/RUSU
2016Display system200Fine Art & Archaeology
2016Recording collections-based seminars1400Typography & Graphic Communication
2015Watt Bike1125RUSU (Boat Club)
2015Furnishings1000The MERL
2015Mobile art trolley, storage boxes, activity table, stackable stools720URE, Classics
2015First edition publication of the memoir of Prof Edith Morley2000Engl Lit, HUMSS
2014Glass display cabinets1000Chemistry, Food, Pharmacy & Food & Nutritional Sciences
2014Grant to obtain a framed photo of Luigi Meneghello245School of Literature and Languages (SLL)/Department of Modern Languages
2014Completion of the Tropical Biodiversity Glasshouse display1405Biological Sciences
2014Art-Science collaborative project to produce a striking artwork in the foyer of the JJ Thomson building1200School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy
2014A-frame pavement sign plus posters83
2013Display cases to exhibit art collection1000Fine Art
2013Ceremonial table top lectern600Graduation Office
2013Referencing & barcoding Forensic Acarology Reference Collection1500School of Biological Sciences
2013Professional weighing scales and body dimension measurement equipment700Boat Club
2013Display case to advertise student collections research1000University Museums and Special Collections Services
2012Bench seating2583
2012Weights equipment1000Boat Club
2012Music recital1500Music@reading
20123D projector851Ure Museum
2012Repairs to grandfather clock900St George's Hall
2011Boat to be named after The Friends5000University Boat Club
2011Synthetic cricket wicket2000Sportspark
2011Display case800Inst of Education
2011Webcams1000Dept of Chemistry
2011Railex secure storage3000Typog & Graphic Comm
2011Mower1000RU Bowling Club
2010Flatbed display case2000
2010Desk top 3D scanner1000URE Museum and elsewhere
2010Indoor rowing machine1000Boat club
2009Printing and displaying 10 pictures930Dept of Mathematics
20098 Sculling oars1600
2009Restoration of mural730Sch of Environmental Sciences/Geog
2009lectern3500Great Hall
2009Repacement tree120Systems Engineering
2009Etching595Grad Sch in Arts & Humanities
2008Bass Flute300Music
2008Cabinet fronts800Ure Museum
2008Garden bench430System Engineering
2008Outreach memorial450Gerald Finzi
2008Seed planting1332Grounds Dept
2008Cricket covers2754SportsPark
2008folding Podium293Music
20072nd hand boat2000Boat Club
2007Seat534Sch of Biological Sciences
2007Glockenspiels400Continuing Education
2007Painting ret2000Carrington Building
2007Human skeleton555Cole Museum
2007Framed photos1000Italian Dept
2007Tuba1250Music Dept-Ed
200610 images from student in Fine Art300Counselling & Study Advisers
2006Boat and/or oars1000Boat Club
2006Display cabinets, upper floor foyer, new building.752Agriculture
2006Readers’ table1000University Special Collections Service
2006Plaques to record student prize winners299School of Law
2006Cherry trees, 2 garden benches,1821Graduate School in Arts & Humanities
2006Glass showcase954Dept of Archaeology
20062 Display panels for corridor893School of Chemistry
2006James Arnold Collection-drawings + paintings1000Museum of English Rural Life
2005Plasma TV1200Dept of Film and Drama
2005Safety launch and name inscription3200Boathouse
20052 paintings840Reading Enterprise Hub
20052 benches530School of Law
2004Stained glass window4000MERL
2004Display case8000Typography
2004V166 bass clarinet1090Bulmershe
2003Chaplaincy refurbishment2000Chaplaincy
2003Equipment and furniture for reception area1670Psychology Department
2003Microfilm reader2233Rural History Centre (MERL)
2003For replanting large evergreen trees600Sibly Hall
2003Equipment and furniture for new reception area1670Psychology Department
200214 x Data loggers1850Classics Department
2002Display screens & boards1800Archaeology Department
2001Great Hall music stands1092Music Department
2001Exhibition cabinet2175Main Library
2001Ichthyosaur restoration2000PRIS
2000Display boards300Silchester
2000Lizzie Talbot 4 sesonal paintings1000Fine Art, 4 seasonal paintings
2000Flowering trees900Sibly Hall
2000Cleaning coins2000Silchester
1999Millennium pond4400Bulmershe Millennium Pond
1999Cricket Strip3000Cricket strip
1999Viewing gallery, milking parlour1000Sonning Farm
1999Lighting (loan)2732Sibly Hall
1998Hotspot Fuser Machine1500Special Needs
1998Computer equipment1410Careers Advisory
1998Light installation1000Meteorlogy
1997Induction loops FoLSS2000Induction Loops, FOLSS
1996Carving on Lectern1746Lectern
1996Refurbishment of Great Hall Organ4000Great Hall organ
1996Harris Garden project4000Plant Science Greenhouse
1995Repainting the Friends’ Bridge1140University Friends' Bridge
1995Grand piano750St Patrick's Hall
1994Refurbishment of Blandford Lodge15000University Blandford Lodge Lodge
1994Betts collection550University
1993Jackie Knight – glass engraving.250University Fine Art Student
1992Anglo-Japanese Friendship Gate.750Gyosei International College
1990Minicom Systems185Students' Union
1990Burton Twins100Wolfenden Fund
1990Refurbishment1000University Chaplaincy Centre
1990Landscaping gardens1000University
1989Books on Business Management in memory of Mr F Padley2University Library
1989Enhancement of Museum in memory of Mr F Padley2University Zoology
1988Sundial, Garden Seat,Victorian Gates1500University Foxhill
1988Burton Twins250Wolfenden Fund
1988Chinese Dragon Boat100Wolfenden Fund
1987Short Loan Collection1500Library
1987Victorian Garden300Foxhill
1987Boat Club150Wolfenden Fund
1986Signposts in Wilderness500University
1986Place settings for Private Dining Room1000University Common Room
1986Wolfenden Appeal500Wolfenden Appeal
1985Landscaping of Acacias, London Road1000University
1985Refurbishment of large Lecture Theatre500Faculty of Urban and Regional Studies
1985Landscaping of garden250St Patrick's Hall
1984Garden furniture250St David's Hall
1984Garden seats and plants for new Geography Building in memory of Faith Miller250University Women's Club
1984Landscaping of new entrance to University Library750University
1983Furnishings for Faculty of Letters Senior Common Room1500University
1982Plants outside Food Studies Building200University
1982Photographic portrait of Professor Allen200Geology Department
1982Congregational Steps for Great Hall160University
1982Garden seats for Soil Science area200University
1981Sundial and garden furniture300St Andrew's Hall
1980Refurnishing Small Private Dining Room.1500Senior Common Room
1979Furnishing of new amenity room.300Mansfield Hall
1978Furnishing of new amenity room500Mansfield Hall
1977Piano repair and purchase500St Patrick's Hall
1977Tape recordings of history of University50University Archivist
197650th Anniversary Funds Pepper Lane entrance800University
1975Garden furniture600Students' Union
1974Dining Room table600Senior Common Room
1973Books and furniture for Hall Library500Wells Hall
1972Garden furniture London Road400London Road Committee
1971Recreational facilities500St David's Hall
1970Recreational facilities500St George's Hall
1969Restoration of walled garden500Bridges Hall
1968Recreational facilities500Childs Hall
1967Repair of Portraits and furniture200Wantage Hall
1967Garden furniture at Park House200Senior Common Room
1966Tennis Court400Wessex Hall
1965Books for Hall Library500Windsor Hall
1964Books for Hall Library250Whiteknights Hall
1963Trees and shrubs150Health Centre
1962Bridge in Whiteknights Park1000University
1960Portrait of Chancellor, Lord Bridges400University7671
1959Pictures225St Patrick's Hall
1955Bridge in Whiteknights Park4000University
1954Stage equipment and lighting250Guild of the Red Rose
1953Portrait Labels30University Library
1953High table furniture200Wessex Hall
1952Books for Hall Library150Whiteknights Hall
1952Tennis Court Netting60Wantage Hall
1951Portrait of Chancellor, Viscount Templewood350University9150
1951Trees in Whiteknights Park200Whiteknights Hall
1951Books for Hall Library150Whiteknights Hall
1950Film on History of the University50University
1948Tennis Court500St George's Hall
1947Portrait of Vice -Chancellor Sir Franklin Sibly630University20397
1946Books for Hall Library100Mansfield Hall
1940Microscope62Zoology Department
1940Books50University Library
1939Furniture for Sports Pavilion80University
1939Gramophone and records110School of Music
1938Portrait of Dr W.M.Childs50Wantage Hall2785
1938Dining Room Furniture300St George's Hall
1938Women’s Boat House500University
1937Books100University Library
1936Book110University Library
1935Beeton Memorial Fund100Beeton Memorial Fund
1934Cloister paving and superstructure750University
1933Senior Common Room furniture30St Patrick's Hall
1933Clock25St Andrew's Hall
1933Shorter Oxford English Dictionaries45Hall Libraries
1932Furniture for the Long Room100St David's Hall
1932Microscope50Zoology Department
1932Clock for Great Hall25University
1932Books12University Library
1931Architectural & Figure Casts25School of Fine Art
1931Prints & pictures15Education Department
1931Microscope45Botany Department
1931Books60University Library
1931A practice four50University Boat Club
1931Furniture30St Patrick's Hall
1931High table furniture25Wessex Hall
1930Globe40Geology Department
1930Epidiascope50Geography Department
1930Gramophone and records15English Department
1930Photographic apparatus35Horticultural Dept.
1930Greek vases35Classics Department
1930Books30University Library
1930Senior Common Room Table20Wantage Hall
1930Book shelves20St Patrick's Hall
1930Clock10St George's Hall
1930Whitley Park Rugby Pavilion75University
1928Vice-Chancellor’s Chair20University
1928Book purchase65University Library
1928Galvanometer25Physics Department
1928Boat Club25Students' Union
1928Reference books35Hall Libraries
1927Ceremonial table and chair40Prince's Meadow Appeal Fund
1927Ceremonial chair40University
1927Greek vases20Classics Department
1927Equipment20Geography Department
1927Models of plough development20Agricultural Machinery Department