Whiteknights Studio Trail 11-12 June 2022

Friends’ member, Jenny Halstead, co-founded the Whiteknights Studio Trail twenty years ago. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of Reading’s local publisher, the Two Rivers Press.

In a joint celebratory venture the two organisations have published a book, ‘The Art and History of Whiteknights’ which features 28 artworks inspired by the Whiteknights area.

As well as The Friends providing financial support towards the publication, three of our members contributed historical articles which put the artworks into context. Dennis Wood was co-author of ‘Southern Hill and the area around Whiteknights’, and Ian Burn and John Grainger wrote ‘The Whiteknights Park Estate’.

To mark the publication, Ian and John have also produced a short video which consists of a tour of the Whiteknights campus, highlighting some of the key historical buildings and sites, many of which provided inspiration for the artworks featured in the book, while Dennis with his co-author have created a video highlighting the sites nearby.

You can watch the videos, learn more about the authors and order the book on the publisher’s website: Two Rivers Press Whiteknights

The University has thoughtfully kept Whiteknights open for walkers. Those of us lucky enough to live within striking distance can also enjoy using the book as a trail guide around the campus.