Grants awarded 2016 onwards

20173D printed DNA Model750ChemistryDNA has a complex structure which is difficult to grasp. A 3D model is a good way to aid people’s understanding. The model will be used internally to aid student understanding but perhaps more significantly it will be used in outreach activities and school visits to aid the public understanding of this fundamental building block. It will initially be displayed at the “All of a Twist” exhibition in Reading and then incorporated into events such as that being run at the Winchester Science Centre and outreach activities planned in local schools such as the session at Marnel Infants School in early 2018.
2017Winckelmann and curiosity in the 18th century gentleman’s study1925Ure MuseumPrinting 100pp catalogue of public exhibition being curated & exhibited with Christchurch, Oxford. Depending on £ available they would print copies: 200@£1310; 400@£1925;1000@£2985. Each copy sold would yield £10, returnable to the Friends. Professor Smith & Dr Harloe give a detailed description of the project including: "The exhibition, its catalogue, and the learning programme will publicise the University of Reading’s collections and its historic links to Christ Church, Oxford (which founded University College Reading in 1892). Christ Church Library is keen to celebrate these links through this collaboration. The proposed catalogue will both commemorate our historic partnership and open a new chapter in academic and cultural collaborations between our institutions."
2017Large Print labels and tactile maps for visually impaired visitors1500University Museums & Special CollectionsThe MERL object collection has recently been redisplayed and this has resulted in a significant uplift in visitors. Among those groups that are now engaging are Reading Mencap and a number of older people’s organisations, such as the U3A. Although our new interpretation includes much more information than before, we still get regular comments about providing more labelling. We are also aware that we have more visitors with disabilities who might want to experience the collections through tactile maps, or tactile images of the collections. We would like to add that layer of interpretation to our existing offer.
2017Big Band Big Lunch800EventsThe Events office is applying to the Friends of the University and the Arts Committee for funding to support the third Big Lunch event at the University, to bring our communities together over lunch whilst raising the profile of our arts and culture amongst the local community. The theme this year is community and creativity, and the activities and entertainment on offer will reflect this. The event will feature music from our student ensemble (the University of Reading Big Band), plus student societies (Swing Dance and Circus Skills), as well as activities from the Museum of English Rural Life, the Institute of Education and Chaplaincy. The Institute of Education’s newly formed Universal Voices choir, which is made up of children from a range of local schools will also be performing. We are also hoping to feature a few external performers, who already have ties with the University. The choice of location, on our historic London Road campus, will raise awareness of the University’s cultural heritage to the public.
2017Large wall-print of digital model of ancient Rome for Classics corridor1350ClassicsDr Matthew Nicholls’ digital model of ancient Rome is a distinctive element of the Classics department’s teaching and research profile, and has gathered a substantial public following through a current free online course (taken by 12.500 people around the world). Images from the model are a popular part of our open and visit days, impressing applicants and visitors as well as current students, but are limited to relatively small posters and banners which cannot fully showcase the size and detail of this project. As part of an overhaul of the Classics corridor’s decoration we would like to design and print a very large wall-size image of ancient Rome from this model as an eye-catching ‘welcome’ to our corridor, in the same way that several other depts. around the university have large-scale visual displays illustrating their work. I attach an image of the wall in question (whose notice boards will become redundant when the adjacent support centre moves this summer) and also of the Rome model, from which a very high-resolution zoomed-in view will be used to create a wall print.
2017Trophy cabinet1914RUSUTo fund the purchase of a Trophy display cabinet for the University Boathouse. There is currently nowhere to display the trophies and awards that the Boat Club achieves. These range from awards such as the most dedicated club (awarded by RUSU) as well as a Boat club blazer dating back to the 1925/26 season, the year the University gained it Royal charter.
2017Develop a New Area of the Garden150Friends of Harris GardenTo help [in conjunction with the Friends of the Harris Garden] to create a new area of the Garden.
2016MERL Garden4000Museum of English Rural LifeTo develop further the visitor’s experience in the garden we would like to furnish the shepherd’s hut with traditional shepherding and contemporary shepherding materials. This will provide an introduction into the history shepherding and an opportunity to handle objects that help visitors investigate how wool is transformed from a fleece into a jumper. The garden boasts very varied planting of flowers, shrubs and trees, but offers little guide to visitors about them. We intend to create coherent signage across the garden. These will be permanent and accessible signs. Alongside the individual plant signage we would like a welcome panel to the garden in the style of a traditional village community notice board. This panel will provide information about all areas of the garden, our community groups and how to get involved. We have been in discussion with Nature Nurture about creating informal learning arenas within the garden and encouraging children to play outside. Our woodland area has been highlighted as ideal for this activity. To transform this area we require further materials to create a mud kitchen and for similar activities.
2016Drum Circle1414Institute of EducationMake up a full set of African drums so that both University students and school groups can take part in drumming sessions. £1000 from an alumna has started the set.
2016Boat trailer1000RUBC/RUSUFor towing boats around the country for competitions and training camps. The current trailer is 25 years old. Students have raised £5000 already.
2016Display system200Fine Art & ArchaeologyMaterials for students to make stands for travelling exhibition of residency work at Vale of Pewsey archaelogical site
2016Recording collections-based seminars2664Typography & Graphic CommunicationRecording two collections-based seminars for wide publication. This project will publish both internally and externally helping enhance the department and University's outreach as well as its academic aims. See
2016Office & Kitchen refurbishment1001University Chaplaincy(a) £265 Kitchen equipment for students, societies & Univ. staff to prepare their own food & use by participants in bread baking activities; (b) Office equipment (PC £512.32 Microsoft Office £59.99 Printer £163.68) for chaplains and the Chaplaincy administrator, facilitating better interaction with students and staff (posters etc)