Visit to Docklands 2023
The Palmer Family & the University
BAFM Conference October 2019
Delegates at the Friendship Gates
Friends talk Towards Community Outreach
Dennis Wood on Heritage trails
Friends stand at various events
Alumni Reunion 2016
In Palmer Building March 2019
In Acacias 2018
At WWI commemoration 2014
Friends visits to Lord Carringtons Gardens at Bledlow
Nancy Astor pop-up exhibition 2019
In the Palmer Building during Dr Turners lecture to Friends March 2019
The Home Secretary and Dr Jacqui Turner
Journalist Robert Peston
The Tanzanian High Commissioner at the exhibition in Parliament Oct 2019
Docklands' visit 2019
Silchester 2019
Big Band Big Lunch June 2019
Our Historic Photos stand
Members running Ure Museums object handling activity
Heritage Open Days 2018
In Acacias 2018
Acacias Lawn
Whiteknights tours
Berkshire Family History Soc
Visit to the Turbine House Blakes Lock 2017
Friends on the Majestic Bel
Friends funded DNA model
Prof Sir Brian Hoskins opening the exhibition
The Friends stalls at East Reading Festival Palmer Park
Organiser John Grainger
Alongside Junction Arch Heritage 2019
Holding on to our neighbours tent - ours blew away 2017
With the Ure Museum 2016
College of Benefactors July 2017
Friends Chairman Chris Gayford
Presentation by Vice-Chancellor Sir David Bell
Whiteknights Heritage Trail Day May 2017
Whiteknights Trail Day May 2017
Friends visit to Greenwich 2016
Visit to Archaeology & Art Field School Marden Henge 2016
3D printing in a field!
Pop up tables funded by a Friends grant
Table in Tate Modern
WWI Commemoration 2014
Trooper Potts maquette
Remembering Reading soldiers
Davina Palmers biscuit tin display
Activity in Inst of Education
WWI Commemoration 2014
Student Drama Production
VAD Scullery Maid's song
Songs on Old Library staircase
In the Cloisters
WWI Commemoration London Road 2014
VC & British Legion
Friends' member Andy Morris
Heritage Day on London Road 2012
Great Hall organ recital
Croquet outside the Old Library
Education Inst. experiment
Water experiment
Heritage Day on London Road 2012
Chairman Andrew Palmer & organiser Dennis Wood with visitors in the Old Dairy
Reception in the Old Library
John Grainger leading a tour
Friends visit to Madejski Stadium 2010
The Chancellor & our Chairman
Tea 'n' grant Visit to the Bee Meadow London Rd campus 5 May 2024
Prof Jo Anna Read Johnson
Tea 'n' grant Visit to the Bee Meadow London Rd campus 5 May 2024
Our Secretary, Peter Must, Volunteer of the Year 2024
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The Friends of the University of Reading
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